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My Story...


It all started in 2000 when I was attending an inspirational conference by Oprah Winfrey in Minneapolis. Oprah was leading a talk about meditation and had asked the audience to close our eyes and visualize our “best self”.  The vision I saw was extremely moving to me. Within the next few weeks I made a decision to explore my gardening talents further. After reading tons of books, taking horticulture classes and surrounding myself with all things relating to gardens, I realized I had a special gift that I started to extend to friends and family. The seed was planted, and from there it started to “GROW”.


For years previously I had been playing in my own garden with design, plants and planting practices. I always found a sense of peace in the garden that would free me from the pressures of the world. It was so fun to dig in the earth, be outdoors and see the results of my efforts.


I learned so much by “Pushing the limit” with dozens of plants, and experimenting with the results of amending soils. I was addicted! To say it simply, the garden became my passion. I am grateful everyday that I have been blessed to find it in such a busy world. I do my best to use this passion to help others discover the garden of their dreams thru my design, installation and maintenance services.


I started Sarah’s Cottage Creations in 2000 by helping a few friends in my neighborhood plant their window boxes. I never imagined that a few years later we would plant over 80,000 annuals each spring, as well as, appear on fun, landscape reality shows, like Curb Appeal and Landscape Smart.


It is important to me to live in a joyful environment. We have a “blast” within our crew by working hard, respecting each other and laughing often. This outlook in our company is contagious and carries onto the clients we work with. They are able to feel our passion as well as our desire to leave beautiful, high quality environments behind each day.


I feel a force moving us forward each season, and look toward 2023 with excitement for the wonderful projects we will get to be a part of! If you’d like to meet and discuss our services in more detail, please give us a call so we can help you build the garden of your dreams. We look forward to meeting you.


Take Care, Sarah Buerkley

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